Finding Your Balanced Diet

Ready to leave calorie counting and restrictive dieting behind and find the balanced diet that’s right for you? Great!

Balanced Diet Is Beyond Calories

So how do you do that when food is certainly a daily consideration, and weight may also be one for you at this point? You live with your body. Of course you need to eat. These are things you cannot ignore.

Therefore, how about having a plan to make it easier, and much much more likely to be successful for you?

You’ll see the outline for just such a easy successful plan below. Following this tactic will help you overcome yo yo dieting, disordered eating and weight fluctuations.

4 Factors to Discovering Your Balanced Diet

There are 4 main aspects you can address to regain control of both food and your weight.

1. To begin with, look at food.

These blog entries on “how to discover your own best diet” lay the foundation for you to build on. You’ll see why it’s imperative for your health and well being to look beyond a calorie count, and the scales.

These articles give you new ways of looking at food. This makes it easier to re-align your values away from dieting, and around the nutrition and fulfillment that a balanced diet gives you.

From here you can start to experiment with eating a healthy diet. Add in more whole food sources of protein, vegetables and healthy fats. Eat three regular meals each day. Reach for a whole food snack between meals.

When you start eating healthy foods on a regular basis you’ll find it supports your physical, mental and emotional well being. This includes balancing your energy levels, your hormones and your metabolism… all of which support greater health.

2. Next, consider your thought patterns.

Some thoughts sustain a battle with food and weight. Once you identify these, then you can find more empowering thoughts to take their place.

A typical problem thought is wanting to be a certain weight. Review the post on why a focus on weight loss is faulty to help address this.

Empowering alternatives thoughts can include training your focus on being healthy, fit and strong.

3. Third, you’ll want to find the habits and behaviors that fuel your unfulfilling relationship with food, and with your weight, and change those.

Unhelpful habits could be things like: reaching for the handy bag of chips in your pantry; driving your car everywhere; getting only 6 hours of sleep each night.

Once identified, then you can look at replacing these habits with more supportive ones such as: have wholesome snacks like nuts and hard boiled eggs easy to reach for; walk to the shops a few times a week, and; get 8 hours sleep at night.

4. Finally, explore the stress in your life, and discover how to work with it rather than against it.

It is likely impossible to escape stress, and not necessary to try. The true benefit to our life comes with knowing how to successfully deal with stress.

There are diverse ways to help give you a boost to better manage stress. You might find simply scheduling in a fun relaxing activity every week is helpful. Perhaps a card game with friends or playing frisbee in the park with your dog for example. There are also excellent tools available to help, such as mindfulness practice.

Joys Of A Balanced Diet

As a result of eating a balanced diet you’ll discover what it is to trust yourself with food again.

Once your nutrient levels have been restored, and your system is re-balanced, you’ll find you do actually have a pretty amazing ability to tune into what to eat, how much, and when.

Our ‘being’ is a miraculous system worthy of every bit of adoration we can muster for it. You’ll relearn it’s language and soon be working as a united team towards unrestricted ‘free range eating’. Your health and well being will shine with renewed vitality.

Especially important is the fact you must act on this information to see any benefit. Think of it like this:

New ideas are kind of like little packets of yeast in your cupboard. They can sit in your cupboard for years. If you haven’t used the yeast, you don’t really ‘know’ if it will work for you. The same is true for new ideas. You have to activate them in your life.

So please put this info to use today to help you and your family, okay?

And finally, if you want help, reach out for a free Breakthrough Strategy Session and together we’ll get you there sooner!