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Dreaming of Healthy Eating and Easy Weight Management?

Welcome, and well done for making healthy eating and well-being a priority.

My guess is you want to be healthy and slim, and you’ve been trying various diets in hopes of getting there, right?

And it’s not working.

You’ve made your own diet rules about when you’ll eat, when you won’t, certain foods you’ve banned after 7pm, and others you’ve banned for eternity.

It’s still not working.

Things are worse than ever and perhaps you’re now restricting and/or binge eating, and maybe purging too… yes?

I get it.

When I was suffering with eating disorders my intentions were good too. I just wanted to be healthy and slim. It was an evil mystery to me how the compulsion to binge drove me to buy muffins, packs of cookies, corn chips and ice cream on my way home at 10pm.

Even though I was continually restricting, and then binging and purging my weight increased to the heaviest of my life. It seems counter intuitive to purge and gain weight, but that’s what often happens.1

It was 10 long years before the right conditions lined up in my life so I could climb out of my food wreck and restore healthy eating. That was over 25 years ago, and I’m delighted to say I’ve never looked back. My weight has been stable ever since, and my health great.

During those 10 years of hell I really wanted to be healthy. In fact it was a priority, which it might be for you too. I went to the gym most days, rode my bike when weather permitted, jogged, swam regularly, and participated in mini triathlons.

So I know first hand how you can have great intentions for health and fitness. Yet, your diet is less than optimal and you’re battling with weight.

And… you don’t know why.

I was driven to find out why. I studied, read research after more research papers, and listened to everything relevant I could find.

You’ll be happy to know, the fact is there’s a pretty clear path out of the battle with food and weight.

So that’s my mission. Helping you fill in the missing pieces around your struggles with diet and weight so you can have peace with both sooner rather than later!

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