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Diet For Weight Loss Focus Is Faulty

When you focus on a diet for weight loss, your attention is trained on the wrong things..

Diet for weight loss faulty focus

When dieting is all about losing weight, rather than focusing on health, you are certainly causing yourself undo stress!

Diet For Weight Loss Scale

Diet for weight loss scale

First up, please take note that these are not the ‘scales of justice’!

Dieting unfortunately trains you to watch your weight on such a scale. This is not only highly misleading, it’s also unhealthy.

What is a weight scale actually telling you?

Typical weight scales tell us just one single number.

Yet, we’re about 70% water. So that’s the vast majority of our weight.

It’s actually quite easy for body fluid weight to fluctuate a kilo in a day.

So how can we conclude what that pound lost or gained is? It could be:

  • fluid
  • or muscle
  • it might possibly be fat
  • or even thinning of bones in extreme circumstances
  • maybe even the difference is just your tummy or intestine being full or empty

Perhaps you’re convicting yourself of gaining or losing fat when you haven’t gathered the proper evidence.

If you’ve recently started a diet for weight loss and you’re seeing quick initial changes in your weight, chances are it’s fluid. After following a weight loss plan for weeks people typically lose a mix of fluid, muscle, and fat… depending on diet and lifestyle.

Losing Muscle Versus Fat

Muscle is vital for our health… you don’t want to lose any! Yet, if you are dieting for weight loss, chances are you will lose muscle.

Here are key reasons you want to maintain or build your muscle:

  • Muscle is paramount for body strength to comfortably move around and enjoy our physical capabilities.
  • It’s also vital for our bone strength and stability.
  • Muscle plays a vital role in our metabolic health and efficient weight control. It efficiently burns up calories through normal daily functioning (i.e. it burns many more calories than body fat).
  • It is shown to increase resilience to stress1 and disease.
  • Plus, pound for pound, muscle takes up much less space than fat does, giving you an agile physique.
    • You’ve likely heard ‘muscle weighs more than fat’. Basically what it means is that 5 pounds (i.e. 2.3 kilos) of muscle takes up much less space on your body than 5 pounds of fat. Three large grapefruit are about the size of 5 pounds of fat. Whereas, three tangerines are about the size of 5 pounds of muscle!

fat weight vs muscle weight

So, in light of this, hopefully you can see a diet for weight loss focus is faulty.

How about starting today to focus on nurturing a healthy body and healthy mind instead?