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Eating Disorder Recovery

My mission is to provide personalized holistic coaching to facilitate complete and lasting eating disorder recovery in the shortest amount of time possible.eating disorder recovery success

Meet Cathy…

Eating Disorder Recovery

Eating Disorders Recovery Coach

  • CCI Certified Eating Disorder Coach
  • Advanced Training in Evidence Based EFT
  • Masterclass in Evidence Based EFT for Eating Disorders
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – with Distinction
  • Certificate of Nutrition and Diet: Healthy Eating Principles
  • Healthy Weight for Life Certificate: Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Qualified ADI (Australian Depression Institution) Method RealLife Coach
  • Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (MiCBT)
  • Professional Presentation Certification
  • Reiki First Degree Usui System of Natural Healing
  • Blue Card – Working With Children Approval

Eating Disorder Recovery

From an early age I dieted and restricted food. Then, in my early 20’s binge eating and bulimia took an unshakeable hold on me.

For the next 10 years I sought eating disorder help with numerous professionals. However I didn’t find anyone with the answers I needed to help me restore my health.

Fast forward 30+ years and you might think effective and efficient eating disorder treatment would surely be the norm. It’s not. Recovery still often sounds to be more luck than smart planning.

The suffering going on is heartbreaking.

And yet it’s also true that people are recovering from eating disorders every day.

So, what’s the difference in these situations?

  • Firstly, with ongoing suffering there’s a disconnect. There’s a missmatch between what the problem is and what the eating disorder treatment is addressing.
  • However, with recovery, there’s a meaningful connection between what the problem is and what is being addressed. Successful recovery is testament that a persons true needs have been met.

So let’s be curious about your situation to discover what you need to thrive. Let’s be open minded and ask different questions to see your challenges in a new light.

Finally, let’s create your complete and lasting eating disorder recovery!