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Weight Management Solution


As an Independent Sum SanosTM Coach I’m pleased to offer their Fast Start weight management solution. There are new private and group sessions beginning the week of Monday Sept 16th.

You’ll find this 12 week scientifically based program is designed to help you achieve long-term weight loss success and wellness.

Firstly, the latest evidence based science and rigorous research on Habit Based Interventions is incorporated into it. Secondly, Fast Start is coupled with sound psychological principles. Together, these help you meet the challenge of change, build your emotional competencies and arm yourself with the tools to transform your life… for good. Automatic healthy weight management is the outcome.

Start by inquiring below about private sessions to suit your schedule. Fast Start begins the week of Monday Sept 16th – Friday Sept 20th. Then, you’ll complete your 12 week program during the week of Monday Dec 2nd – Friday Dec 6th.

Best Appointment Times To Suit You