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Low Calorie Diet Plan Infatuates

First question… why do we keep falling for a low calorie diet plan to lose weight, given that research clearly tells us diets do not work for weight loss?1

Well, who likes a few flutters of the heart?

Low calorie diet plan infatuates

Low Calorie Diet Plan Woos Us

Like an ardent suitor, dieting initially promises us the world. Also, it likely even delivers a little dream or two. Maybe you lose 20 pounds for a school reunion, or a wedding, or special photos.

So, in the first few months diets can appear to be the perfect answer. You’re glowing with excitement from initial weight loss. People begin commenting on your achievement and how great you look. And, you feel great too!

However, a few weeks or months later the charm of dieting seems to be wearing off … your energy seems a bit low. In addition, you’re tired of missing out on your favorite treats. Then you start to slip. You hate yourself for ‘giving in’. You really want to keep this weight off and maybe drop a few more pounds.

By strengthening your resolve and severe perseverance, you stick to the low calorie diet plan and lose a bit more weight. Yet, you slip again, and regain a few pounds.

Then the yo-yo pattern of dieting really sets in. And you continue to battle.

Remember… it’s a no win battle. Diets don’t work!  You needn’t feel bad or beat yourself up.

To summarize, a low calorie diet plan is a short term affair, at best. It’s not designed to be a life long eating plan.

Why A Low Calorie Diet Plan Fails Us

So here are two primary reasons dieting is destined to be a short term affair:

  1. Restrictive eating does not provide us with sufficient energy
  2. Low calorie diets typically lack essential nutrients vital to our health