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Weight Loss Diet Can Be Life Destroying

Many think ‘normal people’ just go on a weight loss diet, lose weight and get on with life.

I used to think this too. When I was battling with food and weight I thought it was a personal shortcoming that I was in such a mess.

Maybe you can relate… I felt I must be really weak willed, or defective in some way. So I belittled and judged myself.

And I judged everyone else who was also battling with food and weight, assuming they were also abnormal and faulty.

Well that’s wrong.

The only shortcoming of people who diet expecting to lose weight is the same as the rest of the population… simply not knowing the pitfalls of dieting!

There are innate flaws in the theory and execution of dieting and restrictive eating. Understand these and you’ll be on your way free from food cravings, erratic eating and weight fluctuations that haunt you.

3 Facts That Should Be Front Page Headlines…

1. A Weight Loss Diet Doesn’t Work To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Diet Doesn't Work To Lose Weight

Surprising, but true! And it’s well documented…

Researchers at UCLA reviewed 31 long term diet studies, asking what evidence exists to show dieting works in the long term. They found evidence shows the opposite! The large majority of dieters regain more weight after they stop dieting than they lost during their diet. 1

So, how about giving up dieting in order to properly manage your weight?

2. Wiping Out The Weight Loss Diet Could Wipe Out Eating DisordersGetting Rid of Dieting Wipe Out Eating Disorders

Dr Adrienne Key claims that getting rid of dieting could wipe out at least 70% of eating disorders.

This is because a weight loss diet is identified as the single most important risk factor in developing an eating disorder! Adolescent girls who were dieting severely were 18 times more likely to develop an eating disorder than those who did not diet.2,3


Restricted eating makes any healthy person susceptible to an eating disorder regardless of their family, personality, education, or happiness. Speculations about psychological disturbances as the cause of binge eating are out of place. 4

There’s another research example indicating this too. In the 1940’s healthy young men participated in  semi-starvation conditions for science (Amazing they could do this in 1940!). Some of these participants developed binge eating and bulimia. Among these men, the mental and emotional frustrations associated with eating disorders also developed.5

So even if you don’t have a full blown eating disorder, if you’re dieting or restricting your eating in an unhealthy way, you’re putting yourself at risk of developing disordered eating!

3. Repeated Losing and Gaining Weight is Linked With 4 Leading Causes of Death

Yo Yo Dieting Linked With Leading Causes of Death

Finally, here’s another huge reason to stop dieting…

With continued yo yo dieting and weight fluctuation you’re increasing the likelihood of falling victim to cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and altered immune function.

From Dead-end Weight Loss Diets To Healthy Eating

So, if you feel you’re over weight, yet you now see that a weight loss diet doesn’t work, you might be feeling defeated.

Don’t lose hope… at all! In fact, be happy you now know these facts so you can get on what does work.

It is definitely possible to develop a healthy eating plan and properly manage your weight.

You’ll find an important key to your success is to focus on health rather than focusing on weight!