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Restricted Calorie Diet Leaves You Wanting

Are you among the millions who have experienced relentless hunger on a restricted calorie diet? The emptiness in the tummy seems difficult to satisfy when counting calories on a  ‘pick a number diet’… 1200, 1500, 1800, etc.

So what’s missing when focusing on calories?

Well, think about this…

First, food is vital information for your body. Information in the form of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. These nutrients are basically bits of information controlling the expression of your genes, hormones, and metabolism.

Secondly, a calorie is not a measure of this information. Calories tell nothing of these vital nutrients.

In light of this, your body is likely missing out on important information when you focus on calories. In turn, your body craves such information (i.e. food), and makes you want to keep eating!

So, if you’re dieting and feeling an unrelenting urge to eat or you have strong food cravings, that can be one of the reasons why.

A Calorie Diet Versus A Nutritious Diet

The value of the information in calories depends on the source of the calories.

  1. Let’s compare nutrient values in the calories from different foods:

100 calories of Broccoli versus 100 calories of Jelly Beans

Restricted Calorie Diet Misleads

So, here you can see the vast difference between the nutrient content of 100 calories of broccoli and jelly beans.

Importantly, the energy and nutrients from broccoli help in building every facet of your life… brains, body, beauty and bliss.

Yet the calories from jelly beans are only good for an immediate sprint down the block, or to store as fat!

2. Now let’s compare satiety levels of calories from different foods:

(Satiety refers to how filling a food is in reference to curbing your appetite.)

600 calories from a Chocolate Bar versus 600 calories from Boiled Eggs

  • Milk Chocolate bar – A single 100 gram chocolate bar is about 600 calories.
    • If you left it up to your taste buds, it’s pretty easy to eat a single chocolate bar, do you agree? It might even be desert after a full meal.
  • Boiled eggs – 8 eggs is about 600 calories.
    • Wow. How filling would that be?!  Eating 4 eggs is fairly filling, let alone thinking about 8! Plus, the eggs supply many important nutrients, i.e. information for your brains and body.

Now you can clearly see a calorie gives only an extremely limited picture of what a food is ‘worth’.

Therefore, to be healthy and satisfied, focus on eating quality nutrients your body needs. You’ll find these real foods are satisfying and fulfilling. These information powerhousesn exist throughout whole natural foods, so get lots of natures variety in your meal plans and enjoy your health.

Finally, couple this with further insight on how a calorie controlled diet misleads. Given these points you have many great reasons to steer clear of any restricted calorie diet.