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Discover What A Perfect Diet Is

First off, you likely have many thoughts run through your head when you hear the word diet. i.e. “I wonder if mine is any good?”, “How do I know what the best one is?”, “Is there a perfect one for weight loss?”.

So, here’s my take on a perfect diet…

– Noun [dahy-it]

  1. A particular selection of food designed to provide for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enjoyment and optimal well being.

Does it sound like you can have it all? Absolutely!

We want our eating habits to provide us with abundant satisfaction and nutrition. Then, rather than a chore or obsession, they add to a fulfilling way of life.

Life is too short to battle with food, yes?! We are living too privileged a life to not delight in the food we put into our mouths, and to then revel in our resulting health. With smart planning we can do and have both!

The posts here are designed to help you discover how to design your best diet for your best life. So happy planning. :)

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