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Weight Management Solution


What if you can have automatic weight management? Many of us do, so why not you? Knowing how to live a life free from dieting menatility is something I’m delightfully grateful for. And I want to help guide you to your freedom from dieting too. For-ever!

I’m excited to be offering this scientifically-based 12 module program established on the most recent evidence that interventions based on habit theory are a reliable way to help achieve long term weight management and wellness outcomes.

Firstly, the latest evidence based science and rigorous research on habit based interventions is incorporated into this program. Secondly, this evidence based program is coupled with sound psychological principles you’ll discover in your workbook each session. Together these help you meet the challenge of change, build your emotional competencies and arm you with the tools to transform your life… for good.

Automatic healthy weight management is here for you. Finally, a new peace and freedom with body, food and weight can be yours.

As an Independent Sum SanosTM Coach I’m excited to be offering private and group programs of this scientifically-based weight management solution.

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‘Get Healthy Weight for Life’ – Your Evidence Based Solution

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