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Wellness Life Coach Session

Let’s connect for your complimentary holistic wellness breakthrough session …

As a wellness life coach I’m passionate about helping you renew your relationship with food, your body, weight and your life, finding the peace and freedom you’re longing for. Cathy Johnson Campbell

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I too endured disordered eating and hapless weight management strategies.The battle with food, body and weight made my life seem like one seriously disheartening ground hog day movie! Then I was aching for relief and for things to be different but didn’t know how to change the script. So things just sadly stayed the same. Sound familiar?

Since restoring healthy eating over 25 years ago, I realized wellbeing and effortless weight management is totally possible. Now I’m a holistic wellness coach here to help.

Get your complimentary 50 minute wellness life coach session now. Just fill in the form on the left. Together we’ll identify your personalized health and lifestyle strategy so you can break free from the drama of food, weight, and body concerns forever!

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Your Complimentary Wellness Strategy Session

As you’re realizing, you seriously want to let go of the relentless drama of food, body and weight concerns. (Whether it’s just a hint of disordered eating1, or a full blown eating disorder.) Obviously your inner guide is keen too. And it’s quick to help you. Keen and quick, bringing you straight here to this gift of a no obligation strategy session.

We’ll chat and sketch out the best wellness system for you. It will include how you can stop what you’re doing that isn’t working. Plus start discovering what will make your life one of peace, joy and freedom.

Hi Cathy, Thank you for your time the other day. It was great to talk to someone who truly understood what I was going through. It was very easy to be open and honest with you because it was clear to me that you knew exactly what I was feeling.
T.C., VIC Australia
Continuing on you’ll get to know the power of thoughts, feelings, habits, behaviors, and stress management. Then you’ll understand how these can make or break you. This will lead you to see the true framework to achieve the peace and freedom you want. After that you’ll be free to get on with the details making your beautiful goals manifest.

Once done it will seem like an automatic gift you’ll be giving thanks for the rest of your life!

Finally, a true gift to help you find the peace with your mind, body and spirit you’ve been yearning for! Your healthier relationship with food, eating and your body can start today.